Harry Ponder Presents: Westworld Episodes 1-3

Boy, are we in the zeitgeist now! Being current! Building our brand! Watching Westworld! What a hot topic! Just trying to look chivalrous!

Spoiler alert on episodes 1-3, boys and girls. Ye be warned.

As a nice pairing with this newfound Westworld robot enthusiasm, the Harry Ponder Boys will soon be discussing Ex Machina (before November, we promise). It’s streaming on Netflix. You have no excuses. Unless you think the podcast is terrible. If so, you should tell us why by emailing podcast@harryponder.com or tweeting at @harryponderboys.

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One thought on “Harry Ponder Presents: Westworld Episodes 1-3”

  1. *Luke hasn’t seen a comment in a year*
    “I’ll set off a firestorm in these comment sections”

    Oh man I wish we had fans interested enough to leave comments.

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