Harry Ponder and the Game of Thrones Season 7 Finale

With disappointment coming off of the penultimate episode last week, did the season finale bring your Harry Ponder Boys back aboard the Game of Thrones hype train?

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Harry Ponder and the Second-Worst Idea of the Series

Answering why Harry and Ron are complete idiots in the books to come.

Brandon suggests that the next episode’s signature scene will be Harry’s sudden discovery of Gillyweed and his completion of the Second Task from Goblet of Fire (and Luke promises to use any topic sent in to Podcast@HarryPonder.com on the show), though the Boys may take a departure from Potter for a few weeks for their annual Game of Thrones discussions. Slughorn was even in the latest episode! It’s all connected!

Harry Ponder and The Time Traveler’s Wife

In what is perhaps the only recorded case of a technical hiccup reinvigorating a discussion, your Harry Ponder Boys transition from subdued talks of mythical creatures and potential plot holes to a thrilling challenge of creating a list of the top five time travel movies of all time. Will The Time Traveler’s Wife make the cut? Is Source Code technically a time travel movie? Since when is The Butterfly Effect a bad film? This and more as topics of the show spiral out from the pivotal time travel scene from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

Topics on the next show will relate to Harry & Ron’s experience being blocked from Platform 9 3/4 and flying Mr. Weasley’s Ford Anglia to Hogwarts where it crashes into a priceless Whomping Willow. That’s from the second book, so hopefully you read that one before the third or you must be mighty confused.


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Dumbledore & Harry Sneakin’ Around

This months-dormant rebooted show sprouts discussion topics around one central scene from the series. To kick off the new format, your Harry Ponder Boys (plus one prospective HPB in the making) focus on Harry’s brief obsession with the Mirror of Erised and his fateful (or not) meeting with Dumbledore.

Next time on Harry Ponder: the time travel scenes from Prisoner of Azkaban, so be sure to read that third book ahead of time. That’s when Hermione is introduced and you’ll need to know about her.

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Harry Ponder and the Unequal Cohost (who doesn’t want to be a wizard)

Luke does not want to be a wizard and is therefore an idiot.

(Or is he???)

Here to ruin any good feelings you have left over from Valentine’s Day, Luke’s shooting down all of the wonderful activities you always dreamed of doing with the ability to do magic.

As a consolation, he chose to discuss the timeless animated classic Beauty and the Beast for the next episode, so snuggle up with someone you love and sing along to the best Disney movie ever made.*

*According to Luke, who we already established as an idiot.

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Harry Ponder Presents, Tanner & Friends Discuss – Radiohead: OK Computer (The Album)

Anything can happen in 2017 and to prove it the Harry Ponder Boys are discussing music for the very first time. You better know this one, too, because Luke was too lazy to edit in the tracks under the concurrent discussion (that would be far too professional for this operation). Spoiler alert: “Karma Police” is not Radiohead’s token slow song and this is the stuff you bit when you kiss a butt.

Subscribers on iTunes or other podcast services will have noticed that this episode released at the end of January, meaning you’re still due for two more episodes before the end of February. Hooray!


Harry Ponder by Rainbow Rowell

A new microphone setup inserted an annoying amount of static into the early minutes of this episode (and the next one). If you can handle it, the noise goes away after a while. We’ve found the culprit and will fix it going forward.

Your Harry Ponder Boys survived the new year and everything since Inauguration Day to compare Big Bads (no, not him, just the magical ones) and figure out why Voldemort never adopted an Obscurial child to call his own. Also, Tanner and Brandon convince Luke to change his mind about a long-held opinion regarding the greater Wizarding Universe. It involves Cool Teens. Naturally.

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Harry Ponder Presents: Westworld Season One Finale

Miss our earlier Westworld discussions? Find them all here before jumping into our finale talks below.

The first full calendar year of Harry Ponder podcasting comes to a close with the boys fulfilling their promise to conclude the discussion of Westworld season one. AI consciousness, the Man in Black, Ford’s end, thematic parallels, and where things will go next: It’s all here.

Thank you for sticking with us through the disaster that was 2016. There were multiple points when the fate of the podcast seemed uncertain, yet here it remains.

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Harry Potter, pondered.