Harry Ponder: Episode 2 – The Potted Potter Special

The Harry Ponder Boys are all seated around the same table for the first time in this extra-special episode. And why? Well, when there’s a Harry Potter-themed improv comedy show nearby, they can’t exactly ignore it, can they? Listen in as they review their experience and discuss whether it was worth the 80 bucks and 6-hour drive to get there.

For more information and to find tour dates near you, check out www.pottedpotter.com.

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Harry Ponder: Episode 1

As the very first official episode of The Harry Ponder Podcast, it’s only fitting that the Boys discuss the Sorcerer’s Stone…it just takes them seven minutes to get there. But why doesn’t everyone have a Stone? More importantly, why did Dumbledore make it so easy to steal! Later, we discover the favorite Harry Potter book of each of our hosts (along with Luke’s profound frustration with Brandon’s choice).

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, ghosts and guests, to Harry Ponder!

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PS: The Boys go on to encourage you to watch the first four episodes of Fargo Season 1 before their next episode posts for discussion purposes. This decision is based on Luke’s assertion that Fargo has eight-episode seasons. Don’t believe his lies.  The first FIVE episodes of Fargo will be discussed on the next episode.

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Harry Ponder: Episode 0

In this not-quite-debut episode of the Harry Ponder Podcast, the Boys keep it together long enough to figure out what this show is supposed to be about. Confusion and laughter ensue, with a splash of proper Potter talk to whet your palette for the future.

Now that they’ve got that out of the way, stay tuned for new episodes posting every other week!

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Harry Potter, pondered.