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Harry Ponder: Of Death and Duels

The last Harry Ponder episode of the year brings the boys back together for Brandon to get serious to talk about death while Luke and Tanner just want to talk about people beating each other up. And there’s a new ranked list! We will keep assuming that you like those and make many more.

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Dumbledore & Harry Sneakin’ Around

This months-dormant rebooted show sprouts discussion topics around one central scene from the series. To kick off the new format, your Harry Ponder Boys (plus one prospective HPB in the making) focus on Harry’s brief obsession with the Mirror of Erised and his fateful (or not) meeting with Dumbledore.

Next time on Harry Ponder: the time travel scenes from Prisoner of Azkaban, so be sure to read that third book ahead of time. That’s when Hermione is introduced and you’ll need to know about her.

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