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Harry Ponder Presents: Westworld 2.06 & 2.07

We skipped a week of Westworld coverage and didn’t tell a soul. Sorry! But we’re about to be even worse with another hiatus that will last through the season finale. Trust us, we create a better show this way. Now, listen in as your Harry Ponder Boys all get excited about this strange robot show once again.

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Harry Ponder Presents: Westworld 2.04 “The Riddle of the Sphinx”

A human touch brings Brandon and Tanner back on board after last week’s disappointment left everyone unhappy. But is it enough to pull weekly buzzkill Luke out of the shadows? Let’s see if the tragedy of the Jim Delos robot is enough to excite his cold heart.

Does anyone else share Luke’s feelings or is he being unfairly critical of a great show? Let us know with an email or through our socials and we’ll try to actually check them before next week’s episode this time: podcast@harryponder.com / Twitter / Facebook.


Harry Ponder Presents: Westworld 2.03 “Virtù e Fortuna”

“Virtù e Fortuna” isn’t doing this season of Westworld any favors and your Harry Ponder Boys are here to explain why. For a show with such a fascinating concept, just about every character is doing something these guys don’t find interesting. As Tanner puts it so poetically, “If I have to watch one more episode where Bernard is just shaking in the corner, I’m going to put my strangling gloves on.”

And if anyone understands how guns work in this universe, Luke would really appreciate an explanation sent to podcast@harryponder.com or via Twitter/Facebook.


Harry Ponder Presents: Westworld 2.02 “Reunion”

Westworld’s second season follows up its premiere with … a lot of flashbacks featuring information we already knew and a disappointing brief meeting of woke hosts Dolores and Maeve. But at least the Man in Black is having more fun than ever! Though is this show quickly becoming one long biblical allegory? Either way, regardless of the Boys’ thoughts on this episode, Westworld is still weird and mysterious. That’s something, at least.

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Harry Ponder Presents: Westworld 2.01 “Journey into Night”

Westworld’s second season begins right where the last one left off, and so does the Harry Ponder coverage of the show. With real stakes and a very angry Dolores, this Westworld is a different place from the carefree theme park of yesteryear (which may just make for a better show altogether). But how does Bernard feel about all this? Is The Door a true mystery or just another red herring? And how did all of those hosts drown in an unmapped mystery lake? Let’s find out together.

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