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Harry Ponder: Of Death and Duels

The last Harry Ponder episode of the year brings the boys back together for Brandon to get serious to talk about death while Luke and Tanner just want to talk about people beating each other up. And there’s a new ranked list! We will keep assuming that you like those and make many more.

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Harry Ponder by Rainbow Rowell

A new microphone setup inserted an annoying amount of static into the early minutes of this episode (and the next one). If you can handle it, the noise goes away after a while. We’ve found the culprit and will fix it going forward.

Your Harry Ponder Boys survived the new year and everything since Inauguration Day to compare Big Bads (no, not him, just the magical ones) and figure out why Voldemort never adopted an Obscurial child to call his own. Also, Tanner and Brandon convince Luke to change his mind about a long-held opinion regarding the greater Wizarding Universe. It involves Cool Teens. Naturally.

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